What happened to Tesla? Elon Musk's four-wheel buggies have been recalled


Recently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website issued a recall notice said that the Tesla pickup four-wheel buggies do not meet the US federal government's mandatory safety standards for youth ATVs, and there is no CPSC-approved safety action plan. Therefore, Co-productions Radio Flyer worked with the CPSC to issue the recall.

According to the manufacturer Radio Flyer, the Tesla pickup four-wheel buggy is designed as a toy for 8-year-olds. The shape takes a cue from the four-wheel SUV Tesla unveiled at its November 2019 Cybertruck launch. It features an all-steel frame, cushioned seats, and adjustable suspension with rear-wheel braking and LED light strips, and is designed to reach a top speed of 10 MPH, powered by lithium-ion batteries.

The "toy" pickup truck, officially priced at $1,900, went on sale exclusively on Tesla's website in December 2021, and several times it ran out of time. Five thousand have been sold so far.

The recall was triggered by the CPSC's designation of the vehicle as a teen SUV, not a toy, that meets a number of safety requirements, including a mechanical suspension and the ability to withstand maximum tire pressure. At the same time, manufacturers are required to implement CPSC-approved safety action plans for off-road vehicles, including rider training, safety information education, age recommendations, and other relevant safety measures. This is required for the manufacture, import, sale, or distribution of off-road vehicles in the United States to reduce or even prevent serious injury or death from a collision. The product in question did not comply with relevant regulations.

Tesla did not comment on the report. Radio Flyer, on the other hand, says buyers can send back to Radio Flyer a full refund and an additional $50 reimbursement for the body of the vehicle by sending the entire vehicle or the control motor (the vehicle is disabled and cannot run). The buyer can also keep the car after the control motor is removed.