No anxiety, no panic, and take responsibility for your own health!


As the situation of the epidemic continues to change
In the face of all kinds of uncertainties
First, we need to take care of our emotions
No panic, no anxiety
Protect Yourself

We live in the era of the Internet with advanced information. We can receive too much information and knowledge from too many sources. There are even many rumors and sensational information, which can cause or aggravate panic and stress. Therefore, we should understand the scientific knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, correctly protect our own health, not believe rumors, not spread rumors, establish the determination to fight the epidemic together, actively cooperate with the community epidemic prevention work, and reduce unnecessary panic and anxiety.

Under the pressure of the epidemic, there may be irritability, anxiety, panic, tension, and other adverse emotions, which are normal psychological reactions to stressful events and the embodiment of the body’s self-protection. The more repressed and denied, the easier it is to be dominated by emotions. In the face of negative emotions, people need not be too sensitive and nervous, nor need to deny their own feelings, actively understand and accept each emotion, learn to deal with emotions scientifically, and can adopt positive self-talk, meditation, relaxation and other ways to adjust their mental state.

It’s important to maintain a moderate amount of exercise, not only to boost your immune system, but also to reduce stress, relieve negative energy, and create a positive feeling about yourself. You can do some simple physical exercise at home, maintain a normal daily routine, choose appropriate entertainment activities, avoid addiction to the Internet, and get rid of unhealthy habits.

At present, the pathogenicity and virulence of the Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus circulating in China have been significantly weakened, and most of the infected people are mild or asymptomatic, with relatively few severe cases. The vast majority of infected people can choose home isolation and treatment according to their specific conditions. Those infected should strictly refrain from going out unless necessary, refuse all visits, take personal protection when going out for medical treatment and other special circumstances, wear N95/KN95 particulate protective masks and avoid taking public transport.